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Greenwich Alpha ETF Fund
Who we are

Corporate Information

Vision Statement
To be the leading financial solutions provider, creating value for stakeholders.

Mission Statement
With its professional team, deploying cutting edge technology, Greenwich seeks to create wealth for its stakeholders, guided by the industry’s global best practices.

Core Values:

Greenwich Trust Limited is a foremost indigenous financial solutions provider duly registered with the Nigerian Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”) as, Issuing House/Financial Adviser. The firm was incorporated on the 25th of February 1992 and commenced business June 1994.

In its 25 years of business, the firm has evolved into an award-winning, competitive and thought market leader in the financial sub-sector of the Nigerian economy. Greenwich’s success can be attributed to the competencies of its highly skilled and experienced professionals as well as up-to-date innovation and technology.

The firm has demonstrated the capability to amplify its presence in the local and global investment banking space, with five subsidiaries operating in the financial services sector and two subsidiaries/associates operating in the non-financial sector. They include;

Greenwich Securities Limited;

Greenwich Asset Management Limited;

Greenwich Trustees Limited;

Greenwich Registrars and Data Solutions;

Greenwich Nominees Limited;

GTL Properties Limited;

Meyer Plc.

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