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Greenwich Alpha ETF Fund
What we do

Capital Issues

Our team members develop effective financing strategies, determine the optimal deal structure, execute and secure the capital necessary to advance our clients strategic and financial objectives. We execute capital raising mandates on behalf of clients (private and public sector) requiring medium to long term funding for various projects under the following categories:

  • Equity
  • Debt (Senior and Subordinated, corporate and Government)
  • Hybrid instruments (preference shares, convertible preference shares)

Greenwich has led and co-managed IPOs and follow-up Public Offers for several blue chip companies in the Nigerian Capital Market.

Our team of experienced professionals have a long-established reputation for innovation and quality execution. Our success is as a result of strong network of relationships with a variety of capital providers, including institutional and private equity investors, venture capital funds, hedge funds, Pension Fund Administrators, Insurance Companies and commercial banks.

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