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Greenwich Alpha ETF Fund

Greenwich Nominees

We also offer our clients Nominee services, wherein securities and investments are held in a proxy account. Greenwich Nominees Limited is a non-trading company which has been specifically established for the purpose of managing such accounts and relationships.

These are held in trust on behalf of the client and as such do not form any part of the assets of the firm. This class of account is a great choice for clients, who do not wish to be involved in the administrative processes involved with IPO subscription, Registrar-liaison and trade execution processes, as well as for non-resident investors.

We provide nominee services with either discretionary or non-discretionary investment management services, depending on how involved the client would like to be.

Why should you have a Nominee account with us?

  • The management of investments is simplified and the nature of the report generated gives a global status of the portfolio.
  • Portfolio administration is seamless as shares are held electronically. This ensures the T+3 settlement cycle, which is the market norm.
  • Dividends distribution is centrally managed from the nominee pool, thereby allowing monthly, quarterly or annual payments directly to the clients’ bank accounts.
  • As there are no certificates, the only paperwork that the client will receive following any deal is a contract note confirming the transaction. This removes all possible cases of missing certificates and there is no need to obtain signatures on sale transfers, making it more suitable for situations where there are a number of signatories.
  • The administration of estates is considerably faster and more convenient where the deceased holds a nominee account with us.
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