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Greenwich Alpha ETF Fund

Greenwich Securities

Greenwich Securities Limited is the securities dealing subsidiary of Greenwich Trust Group. We execute trades in various financial instruments, including treasury bills, bonds, equities and other exotic securities. We also act as a Placement Agent on capital raising activities on behalf of corporations and government. Our services are tailored to meet the investment objectives of our clients and we strife for proper administration of their CSCS accounts and related documentation.

We facilitate transactions that meet the investment objectives of our clients and ensure proper administration of their CSCS accounts and related documentation. Our services under this platform include the following:

Equity and Fixed Income Trading
Our team of both equity and fixed income traders bring their expertise to the fore to provide a flawless execution platform for both Equity and Debt Securities. Our seamless process right from the receipt of Orders to Trade Notification ensures that the process of trading securities through Greenwich is stress-free and efficiently done.
Our portfolio managers actively involve our clients in decision making for the management of their portfolio, in accordance with their set objective

Liaison with Registrars
Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with the various registrars in the Nigerian Capital market. This has enabled us to build a highly efficient Registrar-liaison unit that assists our clients in the following ways:

  • Warrant revalidation and extraction,
  • Certificate verification, replacement and re-issuance, and
  • All other registrar related transactions.

Stockbroker to Capital Issues
As Stockbroker to an Issue, we guide our client and ensure that all statutory documents are in order in preparation for Listing. We also liaise with and represent our clients before the Management of the NSE.

Placement Agency
As an established and long-standing player in the Nigerian Capital Market, with demonstrated track record of successful issuances, we leverage on our vast relationship network to provide efficient Placement Agent services to our various clients and partners.

Market Making
In recognition of our achievements as a leading brokerage firm in Nigeria, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Nigerian Stock Exchange have licensed Greenwich as one of the initial 10 Primary Market Makers providing liquidity to the Nigerian Equities Market.

Greenwich Securities is a licensed registered Broker/Dealer on the NASD/OTC Market and licensed as an Associate Member (Broker) to offer brokerage services on the FMDQ platform.

Our experienced Investment Management team provides investment solutions and advisory services across various asset classes. Our clientele include social groups, organizations, corporate institutions, public sector parastatals and high net worth individuals.

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