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Greenwich Alpha ETF Fund


What is the website address to this platform?
Log on Greenwich website here  Greenwich

What are the basic documentation required to open mytradebook account?

  • Scanned passport photo.
  • Scanned utility Bill
  • Scanned signature
  • Scanned mode of identification (National identity Card or Driver’s License)
  • Initial deposit of at least N10,000
  • Your bank details, including name, address, account number, and routing number

What is BEP?
Break Even Price (BEP) is the minimum price per unit the stock should be sold to avoid any loss.

Can I submit my certificates or stale warrants for revalidation?
Yes, but at a fee. However clients are encouraged to complete e-bonus and e-dividends forms in order to forestall any accumulation of certificates and stale warrants.

How do I send in mandates?
Input your orders on the trading portal.

Do I receive alerts on my transactions executed?
Upon execution of any mandates, a Contract Note is sent to you via email giving you details of the transaction executed on your behalf.

What is a Stock Exchange?
A market where securities are bought and sold.

What is Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?
SEC is the apex body for the regulation of capital market activities in Nigeria.

What is the CSCS?
CSCS means Central Securities Clearing System. It is a subsidiary of the Nigerian Stock Exchange that acts as an electronic clearing house for listed securities.

What is the Primary Market?
It is a market for the purchase and sale of new issues.

What is the Secondary Market?
It is a market for the purchase and sale of existing issues.

What are the procedures for investing in shares?
Open an account with a stockbroking firm with all required documentation. Fund your account and issue mandates for shares to be bought.

What do I stand to benefit from opening an account with Greenwich?
Access to quality research information, excellent trade execution and client management.

What is dematerialization?
Conversion of paper certificates to electronic certificates to facilitate trading in the shares.

What is demutualization?
Demutualization is a process where stock exchanges transform into a Public Limited Liability Company (PLC) and by implication a profit-making organization listed on itself and any other Exchange around the world.

How do I deposit my certificates and what happens after?
Approach your Stockbroker with the certificates, sign the stock transfer form and collect a script receipt as evidence of deposit. The Broker processes it by sending to the relevant Registrar for verification and dematerialization.

How long does it take to verify a certificate?
Not specific. It depends on the registrar.

Why do I need Banker’s Confirmation?
To confirm the authenticity of your signature when required by a Registrar company.

Who is a Registrar?
A registrar is a corporate organization that manages the register of shareholders of companies.

How long does it take to sell my shares and collect my money?
Orders are executed immediately they are received. Payment is on the third day after execution.

What is T+3?
Transaction day plus 3 days. It the time- lag from the date of sale to collection of cash

What are the charges on purchases and sales of stocks?
Buy transaction

  • Securities and Exchange Commission -0.300% of the consideration
  • Stamp duty on the Contract Notes -0.075% of the consideration
  • CSCS fee -0.00%
  • CSCS Alert fee -N4per Transaction ticket
  • Vat on CSCS -5% of CSCS fee
  • Broker’s Commission -1.35% of consideration
  • Vat -5% of commission

Sale transaction

  • Nigerian Stock Exchange Fee -0.300% of the consideration
  • Stamp duty on the Contract Notes -0.075% of the consideration
  • CSCS fee -0.30% of the consideration
  • CSCS Alert fee -N4 per Transaction ticket
  • Vat on CSCS -5% of CSCS fee
  • Broker’s Commission -1.35% of consideration
  • Vat -5% of commission

What is the regulated broker’s commission?
1.35% of transaction value.

Are the charges negotiable?

How do I get answers to other questions?
Write or call us on 4619261-2 or


FAQ (mytradebook)

What is “mytradebook”?
mytradebook is an online stockbroking service powered by Greenwich Securities Ltd which allows investors buy and sell listed shares/bond at the Nigerian Stock Exchange from any location of their convenience.

Why should I sign on to mytradebook?
It enables you to execute your orders yourself, online, and real-time, it eliminates delays arising from jobbing your orders before execution. It offers you a low account opening requirement of N10,000, free research information as well as convenience and control over your investment.

Who is eligible to be on this platform?
Every registered client

What are the benefits of mytradebook platform to me?

  • Start investing with as low as N10, 000.
  • 24/7 access to your account.
  • Easy and quick trade execution.
  • Free independent research.

What qualifies me to be an investor on mytradebook platform?
Simply open mytradebook account with Greenwich.

What are the basic documents required to open mytradebook account?

  • Scanned passport photograph
  • Scanned utility bill
  • Scanned signature
  • Scanned means of identification (International Passport, Permanent voter card, National Identity Card, Driver’s License)
  • Initial Deposit of at least N10,000
  • Your bank account details

How can I make payments?
Payments can either be made online from the mytradebook portal using a debit cards or direct transfer from your bank to our bank.

What is the minimum amount I can start with on the mytradebook platform?

Can I open an account with share certificates?
Yes, but the value of the certificates must be more than N50,000

Do I have to trade every day?

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