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Nigeria Entertainment Fund
Who we are

Corporate Information

Vision Statement
To be the leading financial solutions provider, creating value for stakeholders.

Mission Statement
With its professional team, deploying cutting edge technology, Greenwich seeks to create wealth for its stakeholders, guided by the industry’s global best practices.

Core Values:
Greenwich Trust Limited is a boutique Investment Bank focused on creating value for its various stakeholders. The firm was incorporated on 25th February, 1992 and commenced business in June 1994.

Over the years, we have evolved to become a strong player and market leader in the financial sub-sector of the Nigerian economy. The firm is well positioned to expand its horizon in the local and global investment banking space. We continually aim to maintain our proven track record of creating wealth for our clients. We achieve this with the aid of our highly skilled and experienced professionals, state-of-the-art technology and our unrelenting passion for innovation and excellence.

Greenwich is duly registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). In addition to our investment banking franchise, we offer other financial services through our subsidiaries, which are as follows:

Greenwich Securities Limited

Greenwich Asset Management Limited

GTL Properties Limited

Greenwich Nominees Limited

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